24th January 1916

At Queensferry. The Devonshire arrived this afternoon from Scapa Flow. Rumours have been going around about her and she was supposed to have struck a mine and gone down with all hands, a few days ago. The weather is still very rough and I expect the “Devvie” had a rough trip.

One of our Surgeons was placed on the Sick List today. He got a knock on the shin whilst playing hockey and a nasty wound has resulted. He now comes under my care and I have to apply hot fomentations every three hours up to 10 p.m. tonight. He ought to do well under such treatment, but I don’t mind doing a little extra for him, as he is a decent chap.

10-20 p.m. Just returned from attending to my patient. Told him that he was like the rest of doctors and nurses – he could attend to other people’s ailments all right, but when it came to their own they were done. He laughed heartily at this and said “Yes I suppose if any man had come to me with a neglected wound like mine I should have given him a good talking to”. Such is the case and it is the old failure of not practicing what one preacheth.

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