22nd January 1916

At Queensferry. Received letters from Marion and Nina. My sister writes much happier about her situation, I’m pleased to note, and seems to be getting used to the “hard going”. She tells me her takings amount to about £9 a day, so one can guess how busy she must be, and it must be a severe change from her past quiet days in Clifton St. However the extra work and responsibility will do her a lot of good.

Nina informs me that little Freddy has been suffering from a cold and earache. Poor little fellow; I can sympathise with him for I know what the latter complaint is like, and it makes one feel so awfully miserable and depressed. She says he was somewhat better at the time of writing, so I hope his recovery is by now complete.

Nina also informs me that her husband has gone to work at Armstrong’s at Walker-on-Tyne. It would be very nice if our ship was to go there so that I could meet him, but altho’ there are rumours about our going to Jarrow I don’t think such a thing is possible. I expect, unless anything happens to necessitate our going in dockyard hands earlier, we shall be away quite six months ere having another refit, and leave.

Nina is looking rather far ahead, but in writing about the new house into which her Mother and the rest of them are going to move, she says it will be a nice place for me to go and spend my honeymoon. I should like to spend the same in London if circumstances permit, for many reasons. However it all depends on circumstances, and I cannot make any “castles in the air”, else a rude shock may result.

I have written to you and Marion today.

The man who met with the accident last night has been sent to Hospital today.

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