19th January 1916

At Queensferry. It has been a very rough day today, in fact the weather has been rough nearly every day of late. Men are placed on the forecastle day and night to watch the anchor cables, so as to give the alarm in case the anchors start dragging. Some of the ships have been dragging their anchors. It is much rougher so far this winter than it was last year, and “anchor watches” were very rarely needed then.

The Admiralty have issued an order today stating that in future cinematograph machines are not to be used between decks as it is thought that the explosion which cuased the loss of the Natal was due to such a machine. Tonight the officers were to have had their “show” but they have been “sold a pup”. I understand that screens are to be rigged on the upper deck evenings when the weather permits and pictures will be shown there. To make up for the abandoned “picture show” for the officers, a lecture on his experiences, and what he saw in France, is being given by Sergt Baker, who recently paid a visit to the trenches.

Later:- I hear the lecture I referred to lasted until 11 p.m. The Captain and officers were delighted with the Sergeant’s lecture I understand. I am told that this fellow was very observant at the Front and made copious notes and sketches. I am looking forward to the lecture he is going to give to the Ship’s Company.

I wrote to you this evening.

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