18th January 1916

At Queensferry. Received a letter from you. You jokingly censure me for having called you a “lazy gurt girl” in my letter to your Ma, and you promise me all sorts of punishment and I am in for a good time, but I should like to be handy to go through it right now. However you state yourself that you didn’t get up until 9-45 a.m. on the 16th, being, you state, due to the medicine – perhaps. You inform me that you have been to the “panto” with your Ma and Charles. I’m afraid I shall not be able to take you this time Mabs, but it won’t matter now that you have been. Glad it was a better “show” than last year – for that panto. was a “frost” and I was disappointed.

I have been going to ask you in the last couple of letters whether you see anything of a light in the old room down below, but you have now saved me the trouble for you inform me that you have seen it, and as I expected, it has brought back with a rush those dear old times when we had customs and signs of our own. I thought such a sight would cause you those sorrowful yet happy reflections. I shall no doubt be just the same when I return home again, but we shall both get used to these conditions, you before me I hope.

You did not feel up to going down to Church last Sunday, and I can quite understand your unwillingness to leave a nice warm kitchen to take the lonesome journey to Saltash St. I have no doubt you would jump at the offer if anyone asked you to accompany them. You say you are glad I like Church and would be disappointed if you thought I went for your sake and not for the real purpose. Ample proof of my inclination for Church is shown by my attendances when away from home and you. I must say this though dear, it was through you that I took to going to Church after many years lapse, and that is one of the great reasons why I have taken to you and won you. I pray that you will always influence me in this respect and then I shall be sure of treating you with all respect and reverence in our future days together. I think there are “angels on Earth” and since you have worked such a difference in my life I think you must be one. I hope with all my heart that you will be rewarded for your goodness.

I have written to Net today.

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