15th January 1916

At Queensferry. Resumed duty today. The Surgeon was not going to send me to duty today, but give me another day’s rest. However he said “If I don’t put you to duty you’ll potter about just the same, so I may as well mark you to duty”. He wasn’t far wrong either.

Well I’m  feeling quite alright, so may just as well carry on, for it isn’t likely I’m going to sit about and let the other fellows do everything, now I’m quite O.K. I have not been sick long though considering the bad throat I had, but I had been most scrupulous with my treatment so hastened the recovery. “Business as usual” now Mabs.

Wrote to Mother today, but have not said anything to her about my illness, she would only worry herself needlessly. You are the only person I have mentioned it to.

Received a letter from you. You ask me if I can guess the only way to keep your hands warm, as Dr. Spencer spoke of how cold they were. It is not hard to guess Mabs, since you say the only “means” of keeping them warm is not handy at present. Poor old girlie, it is hard that you should have to suffer all these inconveniences and troubles, and I am sorry that I am not in a position to come home and warm your poor old paws. Despite the warmth I have been the means of imbibing in the other part of the “icicle” I have not, as yet, managed to warm your dear little hands but I hope to do that yet,  anyhow I shall go on trying.

I am also in request again, for you write that after a very fine Service you attended last Sunday, all that was required to complete your happiness was a stroll with a certain dear boy (present teacher!). My thoughts have run in a similar direction after the Evening Service on board some Sundays, but I have had to content myself with memories of past happy Sunday evenings, and hope for more to follow.

I’m afraid you will have to console yourself in the same way for some months, altho’ I wish your lot could be happier. I am glad to learn that you are eating and sleeping better than ever before, and it seems that there is somegood coming out of those “bumps”, for the tonic you are taking seems to be working wonders with you. It is a case of “Good for evil”.

Your letter is long and most interesting.

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