14th January 1916

At Queensferry. Felt A.1 this morning, except naturally for the weakness due to the spell in bed. Throat alright too. The Surgeon allowed me to get up for the afternoon. I got up to dinner – an ordinary diet now – and afterwards gave a hand to dress and give medicines to other patients. This afternoon I wrote to Marion and took the letter down to the Fleet Surgeon for censoring. “Hullo! what are you doing up!” he asked. I informed him that I had been allowed to get up for the afternoon. “Feeling a bit limp I suppose” he questioned. I replied that I was justĀ  a wee bit weak.

I received a letter from Mother today.

This evening I went to see the Cinema show, and very much enjoyed the four pictures shown. The best one was with poor old Bunny and Flora as chief artists. It was very funny and the “fat old boy” was in good form and such a “toff” too. This picture revealed Flora’s splendid make-up for in the early part of the film she is the usual “Miss Prim”, but when her and Bunny decide to “polish up” a bit, then one is able to judge how nice looking Flora really is and one realises how clever is her make-up.

The other pictures were two of a dramatical kind, John Bull’s scrap-book – you know Lancelot Speed’s lightning sketches, which I am so fond of. I feel much more buoyant of spirit after witnessing this show and am glad I went to see it.

Wrote to Nina after supper.

Turned in at 9-30 p.m. rather tired, but otherwise alright and I hope to resume duty tomorrow.

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