3rd January 1916

At Queensferry. Received a letter from Ma today. I learn with surprise, since you have made no mention of the fact in your letters, that on Xmas Day besides yourself and Charles, there were present Aunt Liza, Uncle Jack, Ethel Pester, Will Murch and Baker. Ma says it was quite a roomful and you all enjoyed yourselves A.1. It fairly makes my “mouth water” when I think of the treat I missed. However I’m so glad to know that you all had such a nice time.

Mother also informs me that she is going to shift to Desboro’ Rd as soon as the people at present there – move out and to encourage them to do so, Marion and Nina are going to take down some article each evening to deposit there. I hope Mother will be soon able to shift for good and get settled down properly. Guess you will be done out of your morning calls though dear.

There is nothing else special to note today.

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