20-24th September 1915

Rough and uneventful days all of them, during which no vessels were seen and it has been a most monotonous time. Began to get a bit used to the heavy motion on the 22nd and was able to go my food better, but my past few days sickness has left me pretty weak and  uninterested in my work. During such times I have found much time to think of you and past happy occasions and to build castles in the air for future days.

I shall be glad to get a good night’s rest too, for this has been an unknown quantity so far this trip. Some nights I have felt too bad to make down my bed and turn in and have slept – or rather tried to – fully dressed. I’m afraid when you come to read these notes you will think what an unhappy boy I must be to write in such a depressed manner and you will think right.

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