9th September 1915

Arrived at Queensferry 10-30 a.m. Efforts were made to come up the Firth during the early hours, but owing to the thick fog that existed all night and during the fore-noon today, we had to remain at sea until it cleared away, so we didn’t arrive until several hours after the appointed time. We were not sorry to get back to the old place again, for it is better than any of the other bases we have been to.

Our mails came aboard this afternoon and I received a letter from you as expected. At the time I was wondering whether I should be able to write to you in time for you to receive the letter by Sunday, as I expressed an hope in my last letter to be able to readjust matters this week so that you would be able to answer my letter on Sunday, in accordance with your wish.

Like you I rather prefer Sunday for correspondence – it is generally quieter than the other days for one reason, and again of course I am brought closer to you by the knowledge that you are doing likewise. I think I have managed to answer all your questions in my reply to you, but one. You ask if I have still got your photo. I have three in my possession – two taken by the Novelty Studio and one by myself. The latter was not finished, but I have kept it in my possession, because it was such a reminder of a certain dinner-hour when you posed in the parlour. It is not a good photo by a long way but I had no other at the time and so hung on to this poor thing. It is very creased and faded but it is still a reminder of more pleasant days than these.

Well dear I have answered your letter and also dispatched to you the box of chocolates presented to us by the colonists of Trinidad. Hope you will like this souvenir. There are two bars of chocolate missing, but you will guess how I was tempted, since you know how fond of chocolate I am.

The odious but necessary coaling is in progress. It has been a very nice day, weather must be glad to see us back again I think.

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