17th June 1917

At sea. Captain went “Rounds”. Morning Service was held but I was just too late to get a seat so I waited for the Holy Communion Service. This evening a Lantern Service was held between decks – the first since the ​Natal​ disaster put a stop to such demonstrations. The subject was “The Ascension” and proved most interesting.

I have thought much today of our happy time last Sunday, when we went to Torpoint to see Charlie. I had to think of the different happenings some 3½ hours before the corresponding time at home owing to the clock having been put back that amount of time. It was a pity that time did not permit of our going to Ebenezer. We had a most pleasant day, however, and the weather was glorious. Wonder if Charles is nearer home this week.

I passed the remark last Sunday “Wonder where I shall be next Sunday”. At the time I was wondering whether I should be at sea, still at Plymouth, or having left the ship, since there was such a possibility. The first thought seemed correct and now I am some 1600 miles from England in the Atlantic Ocean. A few more Sundays will elapse ere I am to spend one with you.

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