15th June 1917

At sea. We have been buzzing along on our own today, the two destroyers having left us during night. Went to G.Q’s this morning.

The weather became rather nasty this afternoon and as we were going 17 knots into a head sea matters became very uncomfortable. Three of us have been sick and feeling rotten. To make matters worse a big sea came in over the foc’sle at 6 p.m. and most of it found its way through a ventilator into the Sick Bay. We took up by the aid of a shovel and clothes nearly three bucketfuls of water. We had almost finished when in came another. This was mopped up. The ventilator was closed down after by a shipwright so we put the kibosh on any more seas coming in.

A notice placed on the board states that “The S.S. Scottish Hero was torpedoed today 45 miles North of our position at 4 p.m.” This is rather cheerful news for we thought we were a good distance away from the submarine area. It is a job now to find a part of the Ocean where one is really safe.

About 7 p.m. a fellow was brought to the Sick Bay for observation. The Commander noticed him acting rather peculiar so sent him in. We have had this fellow here before complaining of being afraid of the ship rolling over. He walks about night-times being afraid to turn in his hammock. His nervous state seems to be due to gunfire whilst serving in the Revenge during the operations off the Belgian Coast. We have to keep watches on him tonight – rather a pleasant pastime when one is feeling so bad. If this fellow suffered from sea-sickness he would not worry much about the ship going over. I don’t!

I am keeping the watch from midnight to 2-30 a.m. so am going to bed now (9 p.m.) so as to get a short nap ere going on watch.

We have covered a thousand miles of our journey, thank goodness.

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