7th June 1917

At sea. The old ship was bumping along fine this morning, and kept it up all day. It was splendid to be getting along so fast after the slow progress of other days.

An S.O.S. signal was taken in last night from a ship somewhere about the Bay of Biscay. The signal seemed suspicious though as it was not in code. All allied shipping have a code danger signal now owing to raiders and subs. having lured ships to destruction by sending out S.O.S. signals. We did not go off in replay to the signal.

We passed a lot of wreckage in the forenoon. Met a fleet of steam trawlers accompanied by an armed trawler some distance west of the Scillies. A notice on the board states that we shall arrive at Plymouth at 11 p.m. but I think we shall get there sooner if we keep up our present speed.

Passed the Bishop Rock Lighthouse and Scillies at 4 p.m. Passed several ships from then onwards, and it does not look as if the “terrible U-boats” have much effect. Passed the Lizards at 6-30 p.m. Sighted the Eddystone at 8-15 p.m. – what a joyful sight to such as we, I can tell you. We slackened speed a little after passing the Eddystone and arrived inside the Breakwater at 10 p.m. and dropped anchor. It is still twilight but of course rather too dark to make out the old landmarks, so must wait till morning. An observation balloon can be seen in towards the Hoe – an unusual sight for Plymouth.

I have scribbled short letters to you and Ma informing you of our arrival and hopes to see you tomorrow. I thought of you leaving shop at 8 p.m. and of Dad arriving home at 9-30 p.m. Rather a pity we arrived too late for Dad to see the ship come in. However you should get the letters by dinnertime and I hope to be on land in the evening. It is good to be in the old environs again after 9 months absence. It will be a treat to go to bed tonight without thoughts of subs. and on board a still ship, although we have not had a bad trip for the Atlantic Ocean.

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