24th May 1917

At Sea. 4 a.m. preparations were made for sea and we left Hampton Rds at 6 a.m. One steamer (Leeds City) was left behind because she was too slow. A notice was placed on the board stating “Roxburgh is escorting convoy of 12 ships. No other orders have been received yet, but a W/T signal is expected giving full orders”. Destroyers are expected to meet us on June 6th. So that is 13 days to go ere we meet the destroyers and as that generally meet ships well outside the danger zone it is safe to say that it will be all June 8th ere we see harbour wherever it is on the West or South coast.

These cargo boats are all slow vessels and so the journey so far as the danger zone is being done at 8 knots per hour. “Some” steaming. We have been steaming in a north-easterly direction all day. The air is cold and the temp. of sea at 4 p.m. was only 50°.

We only had one bed case yesterday but two more men were put in bed today. One of them is suffering from severe abdominal pain and as he seems distressed and only eased by repeated fomentations we have to keep watches on him tonight.

Our mails were left with the Vice-Consul at Norfolk, Virginia, and should go via New York in such a manner as to arrive in England ere we do.

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