21st May 1917

At Hampton Rds. All whites is the rig today but it is quite cold compared to yesterday’s temperature. Our patient is rather worse today and arrangements were made to send him to Hospital in the forenoon. His temp. suddenly dropped at noon and the M. O. was fetched. An injection of Strychnine was given to stimulate the heart’s action. The patient was rather depressed and spoke of “not getting over his illness” and “not seeing England again”, etc.

Accompanied by Dr. Browne and Munday he was taken to the U. S. Naval Hospital at Norfolk this afternoon. He received a shaking up in the boat going to the Hospital and another injection of Strychnine had to be given. On arrival in the Hospital he, however, seemed quite cheerful and a lot brighter. It is feared he is suffering from advanced tuberculosis in which case it is doubtful whether he will live to cross to England again.

Provisions were taken on board this evening. A coal lighter with 150 tons of coal aboard came alongside at 5 p.m. I understand our Commander is going to take charge of a transport for the trip across the Atlantic. One signalman is standing by to leave at any time for a grain ship and 15 seamen are being trained in signals to be sent to the grain ships which are collecting here to be escorted home. Everything points to our coming home yet I was told last night by the Chaplain that there was nothing known yet as to our destination.

The U.S.S. Wyoming passed down today and went to sea.

I wrote to Ma this afternoon.

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