19th May 1917

At Hampton Rds. Another American battleship – the Pennsylvania – passed by this morning.

Whilst the men were painting ship this forenoon the Commander came along and stopped them saying it was of no use as some more coal would have to be taken in today, tomorrow or Monday, the bunkers having to be filled and some more carried on deck. This carrying of an “upper deck cargo” looks as if we are going a long journey at a good speed. I suppose it is only natural for most of us to conclude that England is to be our destination, although personally I should not be surprised if Brazil was the place.

Leave granted from 4-30 p.m. to 9 p.m. I am watch aboard. Munday and Woods have gone ashore. We have a bad pneumonia case in bed and Dr. Browne after visiting him tonight considered it advisable to keep watch on him during the night as his time of “crisis” (usually the seventh day) is due. The patient has been given morphia and is now asleep, the first sleep he has had for five days. The Chaplain came up tonight and seemed very interested in this man.

9-30 p.m. Munday and Woods have returned from shore. Maryland is not much of a place they state. Some of our men took a car ride to Newport – a 40 minute ride – and say that it is quite a decent place. Woolworth has a big place there.

I may have a trip ashore myself, but am undecided as I have some letters to write. I have a letter from you to answer, but if I am coming home there is no need to write yet, because we shall certainly arrive before the letter.

10 p.m. I am now going to bed as I have to get up at 1 a.m.

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