18th May 1917

At Hampton Roads, Virginia. The men started coaling at 5-30 a.m.

The Wyoming went up to Newport to dock and give leave.

9 a.m. U.S.S. Arkansas – sister ship to Wyoming – passed down playing “The King”.

11 a.m. Coaling finished, 345 tons taken in.

1 p.m. A notice has been placed on the board stating:- “Roxburgh is waiting for orders. As the months go by there is an increased chance of going home for a few days leave. But there is no information at present. There is no sleeping accommodation here so leave will be given to 9 p.m. when possible. Virginia is a “dry State”. German agents are known to be about on shore so the men are warned to be careful what they say”. The general idea seems to be that the Captain has received information about going home but, of course, could not tell us outright and so just gave a subtle hint. Some fellows think it is a bit of bluff.

No leave tonight.

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