30th January 1916

At Queensferry. The “flu” cases are still coming up and we have now ten of these cases in beds and hammocks. There are 14 sick altogether.

Managed to get the work done in time to go to Morning Service after the Captain’s “rounds”. At first I thought I was in for a disappointment, but was able to get the treatments done quickly, and so went. The Chaplain preached a short but very strong sermon, mostly dealing with the way a man should go and how he should mould his career in the world. I think he becomes more popular every time he preaches.

It has been a splendid day and I should like to have had a nice long walk this afternoon in the country. We all more or less expressed like desires, but of course there is no luck. This evening there was to have been a lantern lecture, but the hands had to “provision ship” – Sunday and all, and so we were disappointed. So was the Chaplain, and I expect he gave vent to his feelings, as he usually does. He very often hits hard in his sermons at the Captain, if he has in any way messed up the Morning Service or done anything else to incur his displeasure. Of course he covers it up a little, but all the same one can’t help but twig what his intentions are.

After the long run of Evening Services we have been luck enough to have, the lapse this evening was in consequence all the more felt by us who have been constant attenders. However I suppose we can hardly expect everything to run smoothly in these days of unrest.

This evening I managed to write a letter to my cousin Fred. His letter has been lying unanswered for about three weeks, and I began to get ashamed at having kept him waiting so long for a reply. It took me a long time to write it and in consequence I was unable to get an answer written to your letter. I am sorry that you will have to suffer disappointment tomorrow morning when the postman does his rounds. I will make a point of writing tomorrow afternoon if circumstances permit. It is not often I fail to carry out this duty.

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